Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Case Of The Renegade Refugee

If you're as old as me some of the top sheet would be familiar old character actors. Perry Mason regulars.

Also included a war reporter showing up quite a bit on cable news with a very broken nose. The nose goes into a straight on shot while he's in 3/4 angle to the camera.

The bottom sheet is a grab gag of stuff noted as I watched Spellbound (spelling bee) and To Live and Die in LA. (Director William Friedkin, bottom right, one in to the left) And a movie with Ricardo Montelbam (sp?)(bottom left)
All done with ink pen, no pencil. I do the big shape of the head and then go in the middle with eye and socket shapes but quickly switch to nose size and placement. I adjust feature notes around the nose and mouth and hair and I get a mini likeness.

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echoform said...

i love your version of william tallman. spot on. :)