Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday GIF Robot

I like the graininess of pushing the color down and pushing the lossiness slider way over. The actual painting looks quite a bit different.


TopCat said...

Yes. This is a very cool look and the simple animation is very effective. What parts of Photoshop did you use to achieve the graininess?

Also, do you know how to achieve a good looking color halftone out of Photoshop?

Mr Goodson said...

If you have the latest photoshop, ANIMATION is part of the options under WINDOW. The reason it is grainey is I made each part of the GIF a very lossey, small size saving it for the web and also picking DITHER as an option to make it small.

I know very little about print readiness for Photoshop art. Is that what you're asking. How to get dotd for a printing plate. I bet the topic is covered in Photoshop help.

Mr Goodson said...

And if you don't have the latest photoshop you can do all the same stuff by going to the ImageReady part of Photoshop