Friday, November 10, 2006

Starting a panel comic on Drunk Duck dot Com

I've begun a new venture on a thing called Drunk Duck, the Web comics side of Platinum Studios. Over the next month I'll produce a comic a week under the banner of "Twonks and Plonkers," each of which has an audio or animatronic component (or maybe both).

The first one , located here, is just a test and is actually very confusing, but everything is when you're just starting out. I stitched a rough illo of the Gun Nosed Man and put in buttons for playing an audio sample and stopping it ... and then just posted the rest. We'll see where this leads, but the process is fun.

There is a contest specified in my comments at the bottom of the page. Identify the Scot in the audio clip and win my Chip 'n Dale DVDs ...

BTW: Rick Schmitz might consider posting some of his comic strips here (starting with the earliest to keep from having to make 'em faster, etc.

I'll post again when the first "official" comic is posted, probably mid week next week.


TopCat said...

I'll comment on my own post.

heh heh.

Sounds like a really interesting idea, Tom. Your artwork sucks a bit right now, but maybe it'll get better. Also, the novelty of putting sound on a cartoon will probably wear thin within a little bit, so you better have something else up your sleeve.

Keep up the good work, though!!

Mr Goodson said...

Yes Tom, keep it up. It's a natural to have a Diary type format for art. It's good for anyone that wants to eventually have IPs and such for development. I need to revitalize my own and make it into a every two day type of thing. 3 things a week.