Tuesday, December 27, 2016

First 2017 assignment

It will be paid for in 2017 anyway. 
Of course I have two 2016 jobs that will be paid for in 2017 as well.
The rough.
A giant with a chain curse.
Ballpoint detail so it will be easier to pencil tomorrow.
Into photoshop

I started 'flatting' by using the pencil tool to outline and then fill. More fun and easier than using the lasso or pen tool. Maybe cruder.
Cleaned this up a bit.


Tom Moon said...

Love the composition and the chain design motif!

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Tom. I've been studying my ergonomics instead of drawing. If I were to draw on a board at an incline that wouldn't cause me to look down, it would be totally alien to me. I have always looked down at my art to draw. But it does produce neck pain. I like it when I'm in photoshop because even though the tablet is something that is positioned like my drawing board, I'm looking up to the screen. No neck strain.