Monday, April 11, 2016

Tuesday- More EnWorld

Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu is my jump off for this Oriental Vampire.
Going to do something different this time.
Ordinarily I would start coloring this pencil stage.
This time I'll ink this drawing and clean it up. Then color something nice and clean. Basic Comic Book style procedure. Using the Muji pens and Fud Kuratake brush.
It will also differ in being very black, high contrast.
Inks. The only knock against the muji ballpoints, is that rolling over pencils, they get cloggy.
But a great tool all in all. Feels like doodling in school.


Davis Chino said...

HA! Really fun. Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu is a winning combo.

Sorry I've been MIA--great to click on this ol' Blog (which remains my homepage) and see all this great new stuff. Very cool!

MrGoodson2 said...

Hey. Teachers are busy people. Plus I know you get up to a lot more beside the teaching. Any more Car drawing freelance?

BDMontag said...

You've shown restraint in your inking. Stronger outline and less skritchy than work from bygone days. Doing more with less, that I praised you for in the boat silhouette, is working great here too. I like the black on the shoulders. At the sketch I thought you should have left the epauletes, but the shadow works much better. Maybe the haunted lava lamp should have a warmer glow (?).

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Ben. Yes , the cleanness of the extra step of inking is probably the future for this freelance. Just makes color holds for the line work better. The inking tool being a ballpoint pen and the fud kuratake pens makes it an easy decision. I'll scan the pencils first in case the inking ends up a big fail.

MrGoodson2 said...

All the black comes from using invert as a mask. Making it a problem causer when I have white outlines and I have to decide do I want them to be light outlines. It most cases it was alright. Around the hands I had to diminish that effect. Instead of white line, I have a gray layer I multiply into the lower inverted layers. It's got about 15 layers.

Tom Moon said...

Beautiful job Ellis!

MrGoodson2 said...

They decided on a transparent PNG background. Doesn't hurt on this b;og. But if it's placed on white, not so hot.

Thanks Tom.