Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tuesday Digital doodling

Doodling. Tried to start with a toned canvas.
Adds nothing to it but the constraint is probably a good idea.
I was about to quit way early on this, every mark a disappointment. I realize I had the bow string straight from end to end instead of drawn to her ear. Then I thought to draw her fingers in release mode. I strated liking it a bit and did more touch up to than I was going to do. I may return to it tomorrow and see if I can Bruce Timm it.
300 DPI on my web bandwidth
Prepping it for photoshop I changed the hanging lamp.
I'll probably do the tone today

I will probably desert the pencil approach and do it entirely digital. The author wants this approach, by Stephen Gammell. So now my plan is to gang up some ref in a layer in photoshop and wing it on something painterly. I'll post an experiment tonight. I should take to it.


Surly Bird said...

I dig it. Love the expression on the barbarian's face and the determined Amazon letting of the shot that startles him.

MrGoodson2 said...

My story is the arrow is passing through his neck. That's his hair kicking up from the passing through.

BDMontag said...

Looks to me that the tone had you futzing on outline more than constructing from shapes, or perhaps you erased those lines. Except for maybe a dot on the pupils, do not touch the woman's face. I work on toned on Saturday figure drawing.

MrGoodson2 said...

Is this a new figure drawing group? I saw you ask a question of some group on facebook and I almost commented "Maybe these guys won't diss you." And in one of my rare reflective moments realized it might not be funny as a comment.

Nice drawing.

This one of mine didn't have much futzing. Just a dead end type of feeling early in the process.

Tom Moon said...

What is the story behind this latest piece you've posted? A two-footed giant walking across the roof? A four-footed dragon up in the attic?

MrGoodson2 said...

The first of 31 illustrations for 31 ghost stories. Local Author who wrote a flash short story for every day of October. Since that is Halloween month. This is a ghost story where the guy hears monster footsteps in the night.

BDMontag said...

This is the same Saturday figure drawing group I've posted about before. One young lady in the group is big on turning it into something social. (This Saturday group has existed for over 30 years and most of that time the social nature has been no more than paying the model fee and a chin nod to whomever has taken on the responsibility for setting up this decade. I used to go in the nineties, but then with a toddler Saturdays became chauffeur day. When my kid got her own license a few years ago I returned to drawing). To foster camaraderie she started the Instagram page. My past comments were reflections on my paralytic introversion and my ego coming into conflict when she did not photograph and post my drawing. She liked the one I referenced because of a passable facial likeness (less bored photographs of the model are linked off of my link to her own Instagram page), and I get posted frequently enough, considering I am the bearded gnome in the back of the room. By and by the girl in the group shoots and posts what interests her, and if I want my naked ladies on the web I can make my own damn Instagram account. Quite a few in the group have taken to drawing on Strathmore toned tan paper pulling out whites with gouache or a General white charcoal pencil.

I wouldn't say dead end on your sketch. There is a lot in the female figure that it is a great start.

Tom Moon said...

Stephen Gammell - my grandson loves his work in the Scary Stories series. For a while he was making me copy drawings from the book for him.