Sunday, November 03, 2013

OAFCON next weekend

Bart Bush took it from my bio on my ellisgoodson webpage.
 Going to try and make my money back on the bad print job I got from LULU. Bart is supplying the tables for free.
Should be fun. I'll do videos of the event.
I used to love Lulu. Now I hate them.
The world is full of botchers.
Marty managed to find his way to the blog and post a comment. Thanks Marty. This is actually the first time I've seen the blog for this year. So you scooped me.
My former employer Opubco. Building is now the YWCA.


JMG said...

I found it....passed it along on my FB page a number of weeks back after hobnobbing with Bart. Marty passed it along to you

MrGoodson2 said...

It was being discussed. I did a search and happened onto the blogspot.
But you solved how Marty got there first.

Rickart said...

And now I've found it, too!

Davis Chino said...

I just happened upon the page after Googling "Ellis aliens".... I do most Friday nights.

Hope OAFCON is a rocker!

Davis Chino said...

I love that pic, BTW. It cracks me up everytime I see it.

JMG said...

Which one is the ALIEN...The tall one or the short one?

Tom Moon said...

Guess I won't be using Lulu. Botched print jobs are an artist's nightmare. Did you try to get your money back?

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks Jim and Rick for the extra comments. Tom, my theory on my bad print job is that the printer is different than my California printer. For the practical reason of shipping costs. In fact I may have caught a glimpse of the printer. When the second bad batch was dropped off, saw a guy getting into a panel van, and he waved at me like "see you asshole." So it may be totally dependent on your region whether you get good work.

MrGoodson2 said...

And I didn't ask for my money back.
I'll just try to re-coup the cash at this con.

They've claimed there was fault on my part for not designating "grayscale" which is nonsense. They obviously printed it grayscale but screwed up the levels identically both times.

The email back and forth was maddening.

MrGoodson2 said...

And color work, it is defintelly probably not Lulu you want. Very unlikely to come through with quality.