Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Tuesday in Oklahoma

Just finished the thumbnails for the 7 page horror story I've been working on it fits and spasms.

Got it where I know where to go with it.


Tom Moon said...

Great progress Ellis. Glad you are able to work on projects with a fellow comic enthusiast. Having a partner helps with staying on-track.

MrGoodson2 said...

Here's stuff I wrote about the process on the Okie Comic Creator FB page....

It is providential that I found those other thumbnails I published a couple of days ago. It re taught me how to do quick and to the point thumbnails for myself. Working small, maybe too small, hitting the pencils blobs with an ink overlay to make it slightly clearer.

The pieces fell together in my head this morning. I was fretting a bit the stage where I would have to spend money at kinkos to get versions of these thumbnails larger enough to light table. I realized there was no need to light table. I'm going to blow the thumbnails up (not quite finish size, maybe only half) and do tone and smear and paint-into in photoshop. Something I love to do.
Then up-rez for the final import into Manga Studio and do the ink layer over top. Balloons, Panels. Things Manga Studio make easy.
Then maybe back to photoshop as a PSD for final touch up and cleaning.
This will be the experiment I had in my mind. The how-to just finalized in my head.

Back to TAG comment mode. I want this as a great sample, arrived at with easy, natural process for me. See if someone wants it out there in comic book land.

Tom Moon said...

Easy natural process! Yes. Like the sound of that.

Davis Chino said...

Lookin' really good, Goodson!

Hey, are you coming out to San Diego Comics Fest or what??!!

MrGoodson2 said...

Can't do it Marty. Even though Beata 's recent letter about turning the bar into a Larry Niven themed off-world cantina made me wish I could.