Saturday, June 30, 2012

22 rules Pixar

Much of this sounds like Brian McDonald, author of Invisible Ink and The Golden Theme. Just finished reading both of those this past month so they are fresh in my mind. Highly recommended. Easy and quick reads.


Surly Bird said...

Just finished a two-day Pixar Masterclass with animator Andrew Gordon and story developer/boarder Matthew Luhn and it was worth every penny. Great stuff!

Thanks for posting this Ellis, as it drives home what makes their movies so good. They don't always hit a home run in every category, but you know you're always going to get a story that's well-crafted, well-told and visually amazing.

Surly Bird said...

And I have to add, just about all the topics on that list where things Matthew Luhn went into in great detail. I thought of you a lot, Ellis, during his presentation.

The thing I heard the most, whether it was dissecting good animation or good storytelling was the word "clarity." Keeping things simple, easy-to-read, consistent and clear should always be your goal as an artist, animator, etc.

It really was a great workshop.

MrGoodson2 said...

That sounds like a great workshop. Are you thinking of shifting out of games with your talents Ronnie? You love the tech as much as anyone I know. Attention to detail. Or did you get another game job and I just didn't get the memo?

Surly Bird said...

I've been working on an game as a freelance contractor for about a month now, Ellis. I'm not sure how much I should say about the project, due to NDAs. It's only for a few months at this point, but depending on how things pan out, there's a chance things could go longer after that. I'm also doing some adjunct instructing at a local tech school which has been an interesting experience.

I definitely have interests beyond games, however, and with things like Valve's recently unvieled Source Filmaker, I think the lines between film and interactive media have become even more blurred.

The craft and skill of animation is something I'll always be fascinated by and I'm glad there are so many creative outlets available today. No matter how the tech evolves, the fundamentals don't seem to change much - a point driven home in the workshop.