Friday, November 04, 2011

How I make a Lulu Book

The Bottom Of This page, Get your Template

Looks like this
This is my favorite format, the 6 by 9 trade paperback
The resolution is 300 dpi. I devise photoshop actions to up-rez and re-size the art I want to use. Then I paste art into position and make PSDs. Levels of art in the sequence I typically visualize for the book.
Then I go to the menu shown above and turn the layers into jpgs.

 The menu above plus the dialogue that opens below is how to make the PDF.

Opening up the menus above allow you to browse to those jpgs and turn them into a PDF. Then go to the PUBLISH Format Choice part of Lulu and upload it. Have your color covers separate but formatted in the same DPI etc. Lulu has an easy to use wizard for uploading the necessary files.

That's it. Easy.

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