Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wall-E Game PreProduction Art / Click for Akira Model

The top two ideas here (not mine) were Wall-E would see things trying to convey sentiment, like this love/heart. Or a silhouette of a friendly Dog. When he got closer it reveals itself an illusion. These illusions draw him to areas for some game purpose I've forgotten.

The two on the bottoms were ideas of mine. But ideas that weren't useful because of the shortage of time left on the game by the time I was brought in. I'm prone to draw up what I think is a good idea without understanding that a very narrow range of options exists. I only like the bluesky period of preproduction

Click the title to see a groovy model of AKIRA.


rickart said...

These are very unusual for you, Ellis... they don't look like your typical work. They aren't bad, but you seem to be trying to reign in your own style, or conform to so other style.

MrGoodson2 said...

They aren't doodley enough? Not leaving more contruction lines in the drawings?
Probably look sterile I suppose.

Davis Chino said...

I log onto this site for the first time in ages and what do I see? Goodson drawings from...WALL-E?!?

El, you said you were brought in so late on the project--were you? You were practically the first person from the anim dept. on it! I think the problem is we only had about 14 months to make the game from the time you joined...

I liked Bluesky, too.

The drawings look sterile because the animation direction was a pr*ck.

MrGoodson2 said...

Marty. You're right about being brought in as quick as anyone. But it was as a kind of non connected alleged augment to the design. So I had plenty of time to try and figure out what would have been useful. And probably could have influenced the tool set if I had a good enough idea.
I posted these because I randomly came across them transferring some stuff.

rickart said...

Hey! No one said sterile!