Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Click on the title at your own risk. Viewing this photographer's work will only produce nightmares. (looking at Jim)

My fear is that Scott actually gets his Cork book printed and is picked up by Hollywood- types and optioned for a movie deal.


Mr Goodson said...

I too fear Buncake becoming a huge success. These photo/art pieces were great. Beata would have some trouble with about half of them. But since she won't be able to get past the first one, no worries.

Mr Goodson said...

Page down to Jeff's earlier post about Monster Dance. I've posted Kali's painted reaction to it.

Deane D said...

Those were not scary. Disturbing maybe.

Don't remember having any childhood fears like any of those. How about getting lost/left behind, dogs, pigeons, and sock monkeys.

Have to admit that the images are well done.

Jeff said...

Jim was so scared he couldn't even muster up the courage to post a comment.

Yeah Deane those are good ones. They missed the doll one too.

Jim's would have to be the gorilla in the window?

Beata said...

Oh, how wrong you are about me, Ellis! After I took a few deep breaths and calmed my racing heart, I actually DID manage to make it past the first one, ... by scrolling down in the slowest motion that is humanly possible. And since I knew there'd be a tarantula, probably on a baby, the instant the tips of those horrible black furry legs appeared, I ultra-fast forwarded to a "safer" image. I certainly do admire all the work that went into creating them. They successfully elicit a number of my own old fears.

Deane: I remember (as a preschooler) also being afraid of dogs -- until we got one of our own. I've been a dog lover ever since. Somehow, I don't think that method would work with arachnids.