Friday, April 24, 2009

Cork 27

Here is 27, sooner rather than later. Ellis was on the verge of tears so I had to make sure I got it out before the weekend. He's such a precious little dear. God end him... I mean love him.


Mr Goodson said...

I'm so happy, it's like a temple massage from Perez Hilton.

Very good build up. I like the going from almost top down plan view to the last low shot with receding size chicks.

You put a lot of extra effort into these CORK things. My over sized sense of entitlement thanks you.

Mr Goodson said...

About publishing them. Go with Lulu. I'd be happy to help you delve into it. Instruct you how to make a PDF with photoshop. That's the only technical challenge.

Color covers, BW interiors on slick clay coat paper. Probably not more than 8 bucks a pop. Get a discount for 50. Sell at the Con for 20 bucks. Make your money back and get it into the right hands maybe pitch it for a better looking treatment.

Deane D said...

Wow! Just as scary as "The Birds", but more interesting. Don't think I'd want to eat Sam's pizza now that I've seen the employees. But I still want to hear their tale. It's gotta be a good one.