Monday, January 05, 2009

Cork 13

Howdy chilluns', Hope you had a good Christyears! Here's some Cork. I finished another after this that I'll probably post within the next few days. You'll meet Newton, the owner of the bar.


Mr Goodson said...

I'm ready for the Tarantino movie.

Or better, let Frank Miller direct it.

Funny, so very funny. I like these guys. You might consider having the word balloon "this" occur during the Beetlejuice moment.

A temporal quibble. Lets ask Scott McCoud.

Mr Goodson said...

And of course I look forward to meeting Newton. I've heard he looks like Jeff.

Tom Moon said...

Scott, I read your message on Facebook along with the question as to whether you should stop making Cork episodes. The answer is of course a resounding "No!" You should instead draw and draw and draw until your eyeballs and fingertips bleed, your hair falls out and your stomach ulcerates. For now, with your gag-per-strip approach, you seem to be exploring and defining what kind of universe Cork lives in. Eventually, I hope you will start filling us in on more of Cork's background and what she is looking for. We know that she's tired of her wood-nymphly duties, but does she go to town looking for a new job, a boyfriend, is she running away from something? It would be fun to learn these things little by little as she makes her way in her new world.

Scotty Buncake said...

Ellis, hmm, yes having the "this" occur in the monsterhead moment would work very well too!

Tom, all of that will be slowly revealed over time. I already have plans for her occupation and you will see them unfold over the course of a handful of strips. I also have some other aspects of her background planned but again it'll be played out over time. Like an unwanted pregnancy and heroin use...
... kidding.