Tuesday, September 25, 2007


whipped up a quick sketch as a warm up and did the best version/vision of my WereLion notion to date.

I'm reading a book called Blood Meridian. Anyone else read it? It will be Ridley Scott's next movie. It may be the sort of influence of Blade Runner or Alien but on a Western. EXTREMELY violent. Based on real events of a group commonly called the Glanton Gang. They were basically werewolves as far as murderous behavior went.


Tom Moon said...

I've always liked lions, and I like this guy. Lately, you seem partial to them too, Ellis. Could our mutual interest be a result of you and I having been so close together in time? I'm two days older than you as I recall.

rickart said...

Oh, perhaps you were both born in the year of the lion!

I love the new drawing, Ellis! It almost looks like a kilt! The Scottish lion! Cool!

Surly Bird said...

Excellent lion-man, Ellis. Very cool. I would love to see a comic of his adventures.